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3سكري قصيمي مجروش

Crushed sugary dates

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Drunk crushed dates consist of 3 kilos of Qassim dates, which is the best type of dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the natural sweetness of dates without adding sugar and other preservatives, because it is very popular with date lovers who love sweetness.

drunkenAl-Qassim Dates Specifications

  • Product type: drunken dates crushed
  • Country of Origin: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Package size: A package of 3 kilos of Qassim dates
  • Colour: dark brown to yellowish
  • Texture: soft and smooth

Features of drunkenAl-Qassim dates

  • Sukari Al-Qassim dates are highly prized for their delicious texture and taste.
  • The best type of date leaves a very pleasant sensation of sweetness in the mouth.
  • These small, cone-shaped dates are literally candy that grow on trees.
  • It is called sukari dates because it has a sugary taste and is characterized by its soft texture.
  • Drunken Al-Qassim dates are sweet in taste and considered one of the most widespread and consumed types in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is grown in Najd and Al-Qassim.
  • Frequently asked questions about dates
  • What are the best ways to enjoy dates?
  • Stuffed snack: Add walnuts, almonds, or even peanut butter - a filling snack.
  • Date shake: vanilla, banana, or plain fat-free yogurt and dates in a blender are a delicious drink any time of the day.
  • Bold breakfast: add a new texture and taste to your hot or cold breakfast cereal, just mix in shredded dates and enjoy.
  • Date cubes: Slice up the dates and serve with vanilla frozen yogurt or any of your favorite low-fat frozen yogurt.
109 SAR 160 SAR
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