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Al-Jouf Organic Olive Oil

إنتاج الجوف

90 SAR

Al-Jouf olive oil is one of the best types of olive oil. It is a high-quality oil extracted from the severe pressing of the olive fruit to produce the best types of oils. The use of olive oil depends on many fields of medicine and pharmacy, and certainly in the field of cooking.

Al-Jouf olive oil

  • Product type: Organic olive oil
  • Uses: multiple
  • Product brand: Al-Jouf Agricultural Development Company.
  • Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia
  • Package Size: 1 Liter Tank
  • You can order two packages and get the third for free
  • Olive oil is a high-quality oil extracted from the intense pressing of the olive fruit to produce the best types of oils.

What are the main benefits of Al-Jouf olive oil

  • Olive oil is added to daily meals to be a safe and healthy fatty substance.
  • It is also included in many diets that help in losing weight
  • It is advised not to put it directly on the fire so as not to lose its nutritional value
  • The most important frequently asked questions about the Al-Jouf olive oil product:
  • Where is the product of Al-Jouf olive oil obtained?
  • You can get Al-Jouf organic olive oil, the best types of olive oil, by ordering it from Asalcom online store, which is known for providing the best and most quality products and from its original sources.

How to store olive oil?

  • It is preferable to store it at a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius, and it can also be placed in a cool and dry place away from moisture, and also placed in a secluded place not exposed to sunlight and heat

The most important precautions that should be avoided when using extra-virgin olive oil?

  • As we mentioned previously, the exposure of olive oil to a direct temperature loses its nutritional value, so it is preferable to put it on salads, cheese and other methods that do not require putting it on the fire.

90 SAR
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